Update #4 - Try new quickstart script & test the Görli <> Laika bridge

Dear Laika testnet validators!

A new update is available for validators that use the quickstart script to set up their validator node. The script can be found at quickstart.laika.trustlines.foundation or downloaded and executed in one line with bash <(curl -L quickstart.laika.trustlines.foundation). If you run bash <(curl -L quickstart.laika.trustlines.foundation), you should run it in the same place you ran the previous quickstart script.

The main goal of this update is to collect feedback on the new version of the quickstart script before it is used by validators for the Trustlines Blockchain (mainnet).

The second goal of this update is to test the bridge as it will be deployed on the Trustlines Blockchain. To do this, a foreign bridge contract was deployed on the Görli testnet at address: 0x22bb53a8dc4ebefe66451e0b65878afe8aa13b29 bridging the token at address: 0xc59636130365C6723e760Dd55436BE54495c6133 to the Laika testnet coin.

The corresponding home bridge contract on Laika was deployed at address 0x7eeb97f2e1d3278813d4f134226346c722126be3.

Validators are thus encouraged to run the bridge-client when prompted by the new quickstart script.

Please note: It is not mandatory for validators to use the new quickstart script to keep on validating blocks on Laika. Running the bridge requires either access to a JSON RPC for the Görli chain or to run a Görli light node. In case you do not have access to a Görli node, the quickstart script will set one up for you, which could increase the hardware requirements for validators. If you decide to run a light node in addition to the required validator services, we recommended having at least 2GB of available memory on your machine.

Note also that the quickstart script will now automatically start the tlbc-monitor service, monitoring the Laika testnet and producing reports for inactive or equivocating validators.

Bridged token on Görli: https://goerli.etherscan.io/address/0xc59636130365c6723e760dd55436be54495c6133#code

Foreign bridge on Görli: https://goerli.etherscan.io/address/0x22bb53a8dc4ebefe66451e0b65878afe8aa13b29

Home bridge on Laika: https://explore.laika.trustlines.foundation/address/0x7eeb97f2e1d3278813d4f134226346c722126be3/transactions

You can get in touch with the Trustlines Protocol contributors, ask any technical question or tell us about problems you encounter on Gitter or by leaving a comment below.