Reminder to inactive validators, launch recap, upcoming 1st hard fork proposal

Hey Trustlines enthusiasts!

Below you find an update on the recent launch of the Trustlines Blockchain, an analysis of inactive validators and a heads-up for the upcoming first proposed hard fork. We recommend all inactive validators to set up their nodes before the end of the grace period to ensure not being forked out.

Launch recap

The Trustlines Blockchain launched successfully on 21st of November. Out of the 45 validators of the Trustlines Blockchain, 35 successfully produced at least one block so far. 34 validators are creating enough blocks and are stable enough to be considered entirely online at this time.

Analysis of inactive/ unstable validators

Validator 0x421c65B17a331deFee0aa401fe2541F8D1cAf46D failed to produce blocks at the start of the chain but has been stable since at least the beginning of Saturday the 23rd. Validator 0xf176B51FDe516bCD8aab3778FBc4ac970423419e produced 127 blocks at the time of writing, spaced out in time, but that is not enough to be considered stable.

If we include the validators that did not produce a single block, we have the following list of validators that are currently considered offline:


Upcoming 1st hard fork proposal and end of “grace period”

As outlined in the Trustlines Blockchain launch blog post, the Trustlines Foundation will propose a first hard fork after a “grace period” of two weeks post blockchain launch, which will switch validator handling from a list to a contract and will remove inactive validators.

This means that at the end of the grace period on the 5th of December, and unless they become stable until then, the above listed validators should be removed from the validator set due to inactivity.

Again, it is very important that all validators set up their node correctly before the end of the grace period to not be forked out of the validator set due to inactivity! If validators fail to set up their node until then, they might be forked out of the validator set, unable to earn block rewards while their stake will remain locked until the end of the validation period.

Need help?

Should validators encounter any problems in setting up their nodes during the preparation period, they can get technical help by approaching Trustlines Protocol contributors in the Gitter chat or by leaving a comment below.

The Trustlines Foundation