How to withdraw your validator deposit

Version 2.0

Validators are able to withdraw their deposits after the locking period ends.

Checking that the locking period has ended

To withdraw your deposit from the contract, you will need to interact with the DepositLocker contract. The contract address on Ethereum is:

Auction 1.0 - ETH Stake: 0xd56a61ad1b16f1f0326785902593c7adbf733e34
Auction 2.0 - TLN Stake: 0x3f52Cb880B534D57F3C925F2bbB6b2750E2f415A

Make sure the deposits are unlocked by checking that the releaseTimestamp has passed. To do this on the contract page, click on contract.

Continue to click on read contract.

You can find out the current Unix timestamp using a search engine of your choice.

Verifying that your address can withdraw from the contract

You will need to use the same address to withdraw that you used to bid. To verify your address, you can use the third field, canWithdraw.

Enter your address in the field and click Query. You will see bool: true if you are able to withdraw, or bool: false if not.

Withdrawing using MetaMask

Once you have verified that you’re entitled to withdraw, log-in to your MetaMask account. You should make sure you have the Main Ethereum Network network selected.

Click on Write Contract, then, Connect to Web3. This will allow Etherscan to connect to MetaMask.

For the actual withdrawal, click on Write under 2. withdraw. MetaMask will then ask you to sign a transaction. The transaction should require less than 30k gas.

Once this transaction is confirmed, you should receive your deposit back.