Trustlines Network

Trustlines Foundation

The Trustlines Foundation is supporting research, development, deployment, governance and adoption of the Trustlines Protocol, with a focus on acting in a supporting role within the Trustlines Network.

Protocol Developers

The Trustlines Network is an open-source project with multiple contributors. If you want to contribute to the protocol, check out the developer documentation and GitHub to get started.


Trustlines validators will validate blocks on the Trustlines Blockchain. The Trustlines Blockchain will be a minimal viable Proof-of-Stake (mPoS) Ethereum sidechain.

Access & Infrastructure Providers

Relay servers provide easy access to the smart contract systems for mobile phone users. They help to locate the paths in the Trustlines Network for transactions.

Community Currency Projects

Communities will be able to deploy their own community currencies on the Trustlines Network.

App Developers‍

App developers can use the Trustlines infrastructure out of the box as a base layer to build their apps on top of the Trustlines Protocol. Please see our developer documentation for further details.


We envision a future, where anyone will be able to use the Trustlines Network. All that should be needed is a mobile phone and a friend to get on-boarded onto the network.

Latest updates

    December 06, 2019

    Status update and the first proposed hard fork

    Hello, Trustlines community!

    The proposed grace period for validators to come online has now passed.

    The time has come for the validators to make a choice on the hard fork that the Trustlines Foundation proposed. They will either choose to approve the proposal by updating their software to follow the changes or oppose them by not upgrading their nodes.

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